Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taça das Nações 1964 Brasil Argentina

Pacaembu Stadium,
São Paulo
June 3, 1964

Referee: Gottfried Dienst

The Taça das Nações or "Little World Cup" was a football tournament played in Brazil in 1964 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Brazilian Football Confederation. Three international teams were invited, Argentina, Portugal and England, for the competition which was played in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo during late May and early June.

The tournament was intended to showcase the favourites for the upcoming 1966 FIFA World Cup hosted by England, but in the match between England and Brazil, Pelé devastated the England defence with skill and hard running, leaving England forward Jimmy Greaves to remark "Pelé is on another bloody planet". The England vs. Portugal game was also notable for being marred by controversy when Portuguese player José Torres attempted to punch the referee for disallowing an off-side Portuguese goal. The player was sent off, but was considered lucky not to face a lifetime ban from football. The Argentinian team eventually won the tournament after defeating Brazil in their game in São Paulo. Reportedly the Brazilian FA had already engraved the Brazilian player's names onto the watches intended as prizes for the winning team.

Argentina: Carrizo, Simeone, R. Delgado, Viéytez - Rattin, Varacka - Onega, Rendo, Prospiti, Rojas, Messiano (Telch) 
Coach: José Maria Minella
Brasil: Gilmar I  [Santos] - cap Carlos Alberto Torres [Fluminense] Brito [Vasco] Joel Camargo [Santos] Rildo [Botafogo]
Roberto Dias [São Paulo] Gérson I [Botafogo] Julinho I [Palmeiras] Vavá [Palmeiras] Pelé [Santos] Rinaldo [Palmeiras]
Coach: Vicente Feola

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Goals: Onega, Telch (2)




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