Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grandi partite della Serie A : Udinese Hellas Verona Campionato 1984 1985

Stadio Friuli, Udine
Stagione  1984 1985
18th Round
Febuary 10 1985
Referee : Casarin (Milano).

Udinese: Brini, Galparoli, Cattaneo, Ge-rolin. Edinho, De Agostini, Mauro II, Criscimanni (24' Miano), Selvaggi, Zico, Carnevale I; (12° Fiore, 14° Billia, 15° Tesser, 16° Montesano) - Ail.: Vinicio.
Verona: Garella. Volpati. Marangon I.Tri-cella, Fontolan I. Briegel, Fanna (41' Bruni), Sacchetti, Galderisi (89" Turchetta), Di Gennaro, Larsen-Elkjaer; (12° Spuri, 15° Marangon II, 16° Donà) - AIL: Bagnoli. 

Hellas Verona F.C. won its sole Italian  championship, following a season that rocked the football world. Verona won half of its 30 matches, and was never headed in the second half of the season, when a string of successful results moved the team out of reach from closest challenger Torino. The most important player in Verona's campaign was German defender Hans-Peter Briegel, who scored on nine occasions, as well as leading the tightest defence of the country.

Resume & second Half
Codec H264, Mkv
Sound 160kps
Chapters End
Italian Comments
475mo, 45mnts 

Udinese-Verona 3-5
0-1 Hans-Peter Briegel (3)
0-2 Giuseppe Galderisi (20)
0-3 Preben Elkjær (45)
1-3 Edinho (45)
2-3 Andrea Carnevale (53)
3-3 Massimo Mauro (59)
3-4 Preben Elkjær (61)
3-5 Hans-Peter Briegel (63)




  1. ELKJAER ! Wooooow... thanks Twb22, you are great

    One cuestion: Your watch Euro 1984 in situ ?

  2. Elkjaer was a killer striker, even on Wc 96 denmark uruguay)

  3. What a Blast! THX men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow! Excellent, thanks! Twb22, whether it is possible to find matches Series A in the 1984-1985 season, Udinese-Napoli (2-2) and Napoli-Udinese (4-3)? :)

  5. Maybe some Zico-Matches at Udinese?


  6. hello
    campionato before 87 are hard to get complete unfortunatly, i'm getting more as much as i can

    zico at udinese, unfortunatly no right now. he didn't stay long i Italy...

  7. Ok, thanks anyway!

    Campionato io ti amo gives some coverage in sequences.

  8. I watched the movie-review of the Serie A 1984-1985 "Сampionato Io Ti Amo", unfortunately do not understand Italian. Advice please, Zico played in the match Napoli-Udinese 4-3? The player with number 10 was not like him, and penalties and other punitive strikes hit the other players Udinese, seemed to me. Maybe I am wrong. It would be interesting to see the full match. Mud and puddles did not stop the players to show brilliant performance. Thanks for answer.

  9. yes i don't speak italian too...
    Zico played in Udine from 1983 till 1985. it's hard to get a Udinese game unfortunatly

  10. Hi, is this game full or just the first half???

    Do you have any other games of Zico in Udinese. I would give everything to see Udinese 1 x 0 Roma