Monday, November 1, 2010

Nottingham Forest Season Review 1990 1991

"Some of our performances in the Football League this season would have been more at home on a horror moviethan on this video.
But, thankfully. it's not ail been the hmd of stuff you make the kids watch when the/re naughty.
We pride ourselves at one thing at Nottingham Forest and that's the fact that we atways go out to play the game the way it «as always intended. That means playmg the bail on the ground, passing il to a colleague and trying to score a goal. Sounds simple doesn't it? You would be amazed how diff icutt it can be at times.
But although tVe been in the game long enough to be pensioned off by now. I still get a certain pleasure in seeing us produce the type of football that football peoplewanttosee.
We might not always succeed but we always try and hopefully you'll see enough evidence of il on this video to understand what I am talking about.
Ihope you enjoyit, i did." Brian Clough, Manager

Cover scan Brut :


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