Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fc Porto In the Eighties

Legends of our Time

It's a series about how dominant FC Porto was in the 80's. If you are hard core tripeiro, it's a must.
 When Pinto da Costa joined as president, FC Porto was the only club from the "Big Three" without European honours, but that quickly changed. The first final was played against Juventus for the 1984 Cup Winners' Cup, but Porto lost.Three years later, the team led by Artur Jorge, the name hand-picked by Pedroto, won its first European honour in a thrilling 2–1 victory over Bayern Munich in the European Cup 1986–87. The following year, Porto won the European Super Cup against AFC Ajax, and the Intercontinental Cup against Peñarol, making them the first Portuguese winners of the two cups.

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Bitrate 1300
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