Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Salernitana Calcio 1919

Immagini di un anno da Protagonisti
Campionato 1998 1999

Unione Sportiva Salernitana was founded on 19 June 1919 by Adalgiso Onesti,  who initiated the merger of an older club using the same name; which itself was founded in 1911 by a merger of four local clubs; and Foot-Ball Club Salerno.
The club was known as Società Sportiva Salernitanaudax for a time during the 1920s. It can be argued that Salernitana's best period as a club was 1997–1999. In the 1997–98 season, Salernitana topped Serie B and gained their second promotion to Serie A (first was in 1947–48). A young Marco Di Vaio led the scoring charts with 21 goals. In the 1998–99 season, their first in Serie A after 50 years, Salernitana fought hard and were led by Cameroonian international Rigobert Song and Salvatore Fresi in defense, a young Gennaro Gattuso in midfield, and Marco Di Vaio and David Di Michele leading the attack. 

They recorded surprise wins against Inter, Juventus, Roma and Lazio. Unfortunately, they finished 1 point shy of salvation and were relegated.
Since then, the club did not manage to return back to the top flight, and was excluded by Serie B in 2005. A new club, who started back from Serie C1, was then established. In 2008, Salernitana finally returned back to Serie B as Serie C1/B champions.

Cover Scan:

 1 Balli,D.          Portiere         
12 Ivan,A.           Portiere         
22 De Vito,C.        Portiere         
 3 Tosto,V.          Difensore        
15 Fusco,L.          Difensore        
 5 Monaco,S.         Difensore        
16 Bolic,D.          Difensore        
40 Kristic,A.        Difensore        
33 Fresi,S.          Difensore        
24 Parisi,G.         Difensore        
 2 Del Grosso,A.     Difensore        
 4 Breda,R.          Centrocampista   
19 Tedesco,G.        Centrocampista   
26 Kolousek,V.       Centrocampista   
30 Fini,M.           Centrocampista   
25 Rossi,M.          Centrocampista   
23 Vannucchi,I.      Centrocampista   
 6 Gattuso,G.        Centrocampista   
 8 Ametrano,R.       Centrocampista   
 9 Bernardini,A.     Centrocampista   
   Dos Santos,A.     Centrocampista   
11 Di Vaio,M.        Attaccante       
27 Chianese,V.       Attaccante       
20 Di Michele,D.     Attaccante       
32 Giampaolo,F.      Attaccante 

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