Wednesday, January 5, 2011

European Cup 1978 1979 Dinamo Berlin Nottingham Forest

Quarter Final
Second Leg

The clubs met in Berlin three days after Forest had lost the league Cup Final to Wolves, where a collision between Shilton and Needham presented Andy Gray with thé only goal. Dynamo went immediately on the attack but Francis, playing centre-forward, was in inspired form. He scored from a Needham pass in the 15th minute and bagged another off the underside of thé bar twenty minutes later. In thé 38th minute Robertson was tripped in the box, took the penalty and scored. Although Terletzky converted a penalty early in the second half, Forest went through to the Semi-final against Ajax with a deserved 3-2 aggregate victory.

Having beaten the Romanians of Arges Pitesti with little difficulty, Nottingham Forest met Dynamo Berlin in the Quarter-Finals. In Nottingham the holders were frustrated by the strong East German defence, and were shocked when Hans-Jurgen Riediger scored on the counter-attack a goal that looked to have sent the European champions crashing out of the competition. The weekend before the second leg saw Dynamo score ten goals in their league match while Forest were beaten in the League Cup Final. With Kenny Burns out of the Forest defence due to suspension, the odds seemed to be very much against the cup holders. But the game in Berlin proved to be a showcase for the talents of Trevor Francis. Forest’s record signing had spent much of his time under Brian Clough playing on the right wing, but for this match he was pushed into attack and he soon showed why he had been worth paying £1 million for. After 35 minutes, Francis had scored twice to put Forest ahead, and when John Robertson was brought down for a penalty which he converted himself, the holders had incredibly wrapped up the tie before half-time. Despite scoring a penalty in the second half, there was no way back for Dynamo Berlin and Brian Clough had achieved yet another memorable European result to see his side through to the semi-finals.


  1. I've full first leg :)

  2. Hello
    -If you want to post the first leg, make an autorisation to post with your email. Is it an original encoing from you? thanks.

    -Beppe you're not there???

  3. (Je suis ici, je suis ici ... Je n'étais pas à l'ordinateur...)

    Excellent! J'avais déjà le match d'aller joué en Espagne... Juventus-Barcelone en 1985-86 a été l'un des jeux que je cherchais... grâce à vous je dis: Mission accomplie! Merci beaucoup!

    Ah, quelques suggestions pour les jeux pas de la Juventus:
    - 1984-1985 Inter-Real Madrid 2-0 demi-finale de la Coupe UEFA
    - 1984-1985 Real Madrid-Inter 3-0 demi-finale de la Coupe UEFA
    - 1968 Italie Yougoslavie 1-1 cela est très difficile ...

    Ciao, Beppe

  4. italie youg final euro?????
    real inter i posted 86 and 91 see real section

  5. Oui, la première finale du Championnat Européenne en 1968, a ensuite remporté par l'Italie dans la répétition de la finale 2-0.
    Je sais qu'il ya Inter-Real Madrid de 1980-81 (je suppose que vous avez mal orthographié 91) et 1985-1996 et qui ont déjà téléchargé.
    Alors... pas de Real Madrid-Inter 84-85, puis augmenter avec la Lazio-Inter 4-2 Serie A 2001-02. ;-)


  6. oui 81.
    84 85 good idea!!
    lazio inter 2001 2002 don't remember that one.

  7. yes, the mediafire links are dead