Monday, January 30, 2012

The Updates-Files "The truth is out there" Ep. 5

 Here's a list about reuploads done since Megaupload closed last week. Thanks to the one who Helped (only a few persons by the way...)
I received a mail from the DMCA about a (obscure 2010) PL game (removed) so i will have to slow down on news maybe, or at least change the PL name.... 
Maybe in a future i will put a restricted access to the blog via the blog pass... That's life...
Reworked posts with great scans : G Muller Story, Rivera Golden Boy, Mazzola Storia, Fa Cup 79 Arsenal United. Take a look.

Reuploads Resume :

Reupload Done These days:
Aston Villa Barca Super cup 83
(both legs with a better version of the replay)
Uefa 80 81 Ipswich Lodz (with new great scans)
Real Madrid, Las Cuarto Primera Copas de Europa
uefa 82 83 Ipswich Roma 
Gladbach Boca Intercontinentale 1977 
Derby Real C1 1975 1976
European Cup 1960 1961 Hamburg Sv Barcelona 
 Argentina Goles 1980
Argentina Goles del Campeonato 1979 
Barcelona Slovan Bratislava cwc 68 69 
Real Inter Semi Final 66 67 
Inter Milan M'Gladbach 1971 1972 
Unicef 1986 Americas Rest of The World
Leeds liverpool Charity shield 1974
1974 1975 Bayern München Leeds United
Tottenham Aston Villa League Cup 1970 1971
Liverpool Wroclaw 1975 1976
Chelsea Manchester United, Division One 1972 1973 
City United Division One 1978 1979
Derby County Leeds United Division One 1975 1976 
St Etienne Ruch
Celtic Rangers 74 75 
1966 1967 Celtic Glasgow Aberdeen
Real Madrid Los Heroes de la Septima European Cup
Real Madrid 2002 2003 La Primera Liga de Ronaldo
Friendly 1979 Italia Argentina

1962 1963 Tottenham Atletico Madrid
Kenny Dalglish Story  
Kenny Dalglish the Boss
European Cup 1976 1977 Liverpool Fc Zürich
Celtic Hibernians 1974 
Uefa 1970 1971 Hibernians Liverpool 
Liverpool Aston Villa Division One 1976 1977 
Coventry Liverpool Division One 1983 1984
Unicef 1979 Dortmund Human Stars  
St Etienne Cagliari 1970
World Cup 1974 Yugoslavia Zaire 
Copa America 1989 Brasil Uruguay
Verano 2002 Boca Juniors River Plate
Libertadores 1991 Boca Juniors River Plate 
Uefa 1984 1985 Real Madrid Inter Milan
Real Marseille 2003 2004 
Bastia Torino 76 77
Charity Shield 67 Utd Tottenham
Liverpool Ipswich 80 81
Arsenal Newcastle 75 76
Leeds Nottingham 66 67 Div One 
Leeds Southampton Div One 71 72
Ipswich Utd 80 81
Ajax Bayern 72 73
Torino Pulici Graziani Doc
83 84 Fiorentina Juve
Brasil Argentina 1964
La Fiorentina Story
Grande Inter 
City United 71 72
Milan Napoli 84 85 (Reup Done by Ilovesoccer thanks to Him)
George Weah Testimonial (Reup Done by Ilovesoccer thanks to Him)
Liga 2011 2012 Real Madrid Osasuna (Reup Done by Juaninho thanks to Him)

Bilbao Barca Liga 2011 2012 (Reup Done by Juaninho thanks to Him)
Inter Nantes Uefa 1985 1986 (Reup Done by Thomas thanks to Him)
Liga 1996 1997 Barcelona Real (Reup Done by Elsa thanks to Her)
River Plate Boca Juniors 87 88 (Reup Done by Elsa thanks to Her) 
Ajax Amsterdam Feyenoord Rotterdam Classic Games (Reup Done by Kaan thanks to Him)
1966 1967 Ajax Amsterdam Liverpool (Reup Done by Kaan thanks to Him)
1969 Ajax Amsterdam Spartak Trnava (Reup Done by Kaan thanks to Him)
European Cup 1968 1969 Ajax Benfica (Reup Done by Kaan thanks to Him)
PSG 3-1 Parma (Reup Done by Isaias thanks to Him)
World Cup 2011 Barcelona Santos (Reup Done by Isaias thanks to Him)
Euro Cup 1976 Quarter Final France USSR (Reup Done by dmaradonna86 thanks to Him)
Euro Cup 1976 Quarter Final USSR France (Reup Done by dmaradonna86 thanks to Him) 

1992 1993 Marseille Glentoran (Reup Done by dmaradonna86 thanks to Him) 
Coupe de France 1990 1991 Monaco Marseille (Reup Done by dmaradonna86 thanks to Him) 
1979 1980 Marseille St etienne (Reup Done by dmaradonna86 thanks to Him) 
Coupe de France 1986 1987 Bordeaux Marseille (Reup Done by dmaradonna86 thanks to Him) 
Ligue 1 1990 1991 Marseille Bordeaux (Reup Done by dmaradonna86 thanks to Him)
1978 1979 Dinamo Berlin Nottingham Forest (Reup Done by accent2002 thanks to Him)

Soon By myself
Italy Germany WC 70
1983 1984 Lazio Juve
Utd Andelecht C1 68 69
City Newcastle LC 76 
84 85 Udinese Juve83 84 Lazio Roma

I'm reuploading the Specials for members only first.

Soon by members:
Some Games by Isaias 
ajax Games by Kaan
Still Hoping for more...

Thanks to the persons (Isaias, Kaan, Elsa, Thomas, dmaradonna86) for help in Reuploads , i appreciate and i will remember.
Thanks too to Cellolux and Jarobegusi for donations, keep me motivated.
I got new Great scanned documents from Batro and Massimo. I love these kind of surprises too!!


  1. Je vais réuploader France - URSS Espoirs 1976 si vous le voulez bien .
    Je me chargerai aussi de OM - Monaco 1991 en coupe de france

  2. Juste pour préciser que c'est Real-Osasuna que je ferai, pas Barça-Osasuna (je ne l'ai pas, le deuxième).

  3. Dmaradona86 attention aux uploads sans comptes, les fichiers disparaissent tot ou tard sans comptes. Merci pour proposition tenez moi au courant.

    ok Juaninho

  4. Twb22 je t'ai envoyé un mail avec les liens ^^

  5. Merci beaucoup pour les re-up !!!!!!!!

    pouvez vous re-up les matchs suivants ?

    st-etienne-eindhoven 1979 uefa cup
    st-etienne-monchengladbach 1980 uefa cup
    ispiwch-st-etienne 1981 uefa cup
    bastia-st-etienne finale coupe 1981