Sunday, May 8, 2011

World Cup 1978 Qualifying Italia England

Group 2
Olimpico, Roma
17 November 1976

England flew from Rome beaten for the first time in the current World Cup qualifying tournament and with their hopes of reaching the finals in Argentina in 1978 flickering only faintly. The sad fact is that England played as well as they were able, but could never match Ihe liquid skills of the Italian mas-ler craftsmen. That is even more depressing than the 2-0 scoreline. To prevent Italy lining up in the last 16, Don Revie's men almost certainly will have to win the return match, preferably by three clear goals, because the other nations in the group. Finland and Luxembourg, are merely making up Ihe numbers.

Italy's first goal came after 36 minutes, following a foul on Causio just outside England's penally box. Causio lapped the ball to Antogmmi, who drove it al the England wall and got a crucial deflection off Keegan's body. A rout seemed on, but Italy allowed England back into the game — at least until 12 minutes from time, when they sealed victory with a brilliant second goal. Causio found Benetti on the lefl and. as his low cross came over, Bettega launched himself at it to head past Clemence in goal.

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  1. Vous me lire la pensée ... J'avais eu l'intention de demander si vous aviez ce jeu... merci!

    (je pensais aussi à blâmer pour n'avoir pas téléchargè matchs scudetto de la Juventus :-P)

    Beppe (toujours toujours toujours merci beaucoup...)

  2. je ne l'ai pas fait expres , je crois que je n'ai pas de scudetto game juventus.

  3. Thank you very much for uploading this (and the scans from Shoot!).

    That's my Sunday evening sorted!

  4. Grandioso partido muchas gracias por el gusta el futbol de los 70 y 80.

  5. Bonjour, merci beaucoup pour cette belle rencontre. Si jamais le match retour existe, je serais heureux de le voir.

  6. match retour voir

  7. Merci beaucoup !