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"El Clasico" 2011 Previews: GolTv Unforgettable Stars on MiamiGunners Match Of The Week

el clásico previews
13th april 2011:
unforgettable stars

The rivalry would go on to take a whole new meaning of bitterness in the 1950’s. And all this, due to a man nicknamed ‘The Blond Arrow’, one of the greatest players to have ever played this beautiful game, Alfredo Di Stefano. This is how the story is told in most places. When Di Stefano was playing for Millonarios because of a players strike in Argentina where he was playing earlier for River Plate, the Colombian club played a friendly against Madrid. This is when Spain realised the existance of this gem of a talent from South America. Barcelona moved quickly and asked River for signing him. Madrid on the other hand made dealings with Millonarios. 

The clause was that River could sell him only in Millonarios gave them permission to, but the latter were for the notion that if we sell him we will do so only to Real Madrid. Barca already had a legend in the making, Kubala, which is probably why they rejected the following deal proposed by Spanish Federation + FIFA after lots of political controversy and misunderstanding. It was decided that Di Stefano would move to Spain for 4 years, and play alternatively for Real and Barca for 2 seasons each. He would then go on to play for Real, the rest as they say is history. Di Stefano, as you may be surprised to know, came to Spain only when he was 27. To think what he would have been had he come, say when he was 20 is just unimaginable. It is a pity he never got to showcase his talent in the World Cup as Argentina did not participate in 2 cups during his prime, Spain did not qualify for one, and he ended up injured and missing the disappointing campaign in ‘62.

 Early 70s saw the fall of Franco, and the well timed entry of Ajax prodigy Johan Cryuff, known as the Quick Silver to Barcelona. Cryuff famously announced to the world that he chose Barca over Madrid because he could not identify himself with a team that belonged to Franco. Instantly he became a hit with the Cule faithful. He brought with him the flair from Ajax’s famed youth system and executed it with Barca with relative ease. This period would go on to be a successful one for the Cules, almost as if it made up for the years of oppression. Slowly but steadily, the rivalry was less and less about politics considering the modern day world, and more about a socio-cultural issue. Real were becoming the rich people’s club and Barca were becoming the everybody’s club. Far from the truth, but that is for another day.


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