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"El Clasico" 2011 Previews: GolTv Best Goals on MiamiGunners Match Of The Week

el clásico previews
14th april 2011:
best goals

They called him Judas. They threw bottles, cigarettes, rubbish, and heck even a rotten pig’s head to show their disgust. The Boixos Nois, once the neo-nazi ultras of Barca, were banned from the stadium after this incident. Such was the level of hatred. This was treachery, one of ridiculous proportions. Transfer of players between these two clubs was not new, in fact 27 people had moved directions before Luis Figo did, but not one of them was in this fashion. Never before had a player who belonged to the club, one who was loved and admired by the fans for more than just his footballing skills, left so bitterly. ‘The derbi of shame’ they call it, brought out all the emotion that could ever be thrown out, by this magnificent rivalry.
Madrid and Barcelona are the two biggest entities in Spain. If you are comparing cities, they are the biggest in the country. If you are comparing football clubs, the two are the biggest, most successful, richest clubs and also have the biggest fan bases in at least the country, if not the whole wide world. Their stadiums resemble cathedrals and are revered in a similar manner. If it had stopped there, it would be just another great football rivalry. But it is a bit more, in fact much more. This rivalry once signified a clash of political movements, then turned into a socio-cultural thing, and in today’s world has evolved into a clash of footballing ideologies...


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