Sunday, October 31, 2010

Focus On : Vinnie Jones Vinnie's Revenge

Vinnie tells of his violent encounters on the pitchplus other explosive moments from football. "When I released my first football video it was so controversial I got a hefty fine and was persuaded not to release another tape while I was playing professional football. From that day on I promised I would release another tape in spite of the fine. And this is it. This is my revenge...and I can promise you it's even hotter than the first. In it I tell some stories from my days on the park, and dish the dirt on the refs I had run-ins with and the players I took out. Also this video is packed with incredible scenes from the sporting archives; some real nutters who have given the referees a proper run for their money. Now I have moved to Hollywood I no longer have to worry about being censored. Now it's time for me to turn the tables, it's time to get my own back. It's time for Vinnie's Revenge."

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