Monday, March 12, 2012

English Leagues the 70s: Crystal Palace Chelsea Division One 1971 1972

20 November 1971
Selhurst Park,

  The 1971-72 season started poorly for Chelsea, With three League defeats in the opening four fixtures and it was again clear that Chelsea were not equipped to be serious contenders for the championship. New arrivals included Steve Kember tough and resourceful midfield player from Crystal Palace, and Chris Garland, hustling and enthusiastic in attack. The first major upset occurred when the little-known Swedish side, Atvidaberg, knocked Chelsea out of the Kuropean Cup-winners' Cup 1-1, on the 'away-goals rule'. Ironically, in the previous round all sorts of records had been knocked sideways when Chelsea heat Luxemburg's amateurs, Jeunesse Hautcharage,  21-0 on aggregate, Osgood helping himself to eight of the goals. 

 Hut it was a fatal eight-day period at the end of February and beginning of March which was to have even greater repercussions. Orient won an FA Cup-tie 3-2, coming back from two goals in arrears. Worse, the following Saturday, Stoke City, very much the underdogs on this occasion, scored a late goal in the League Cup Final at Wembley. hitting tor six the thought of a trio of major Cup wins in successive seasons. Suddenly the 'Kings of Stamford Bridge' were villains rather than heroes, and barracking, virtually unheard for a decade or so, shattered the belief and confidence of many within the club. In the autumn of 1372, Bill Garner arrived days after his heading ability had proved a thorn in the flesh for Chelsea's defence in a League Cup-tie at Southend. Otherwise, the cast was virtually unchanged, although several appeared to have lost much of their previous sparkle, the appetite tor smress not what it had teen. A final place of 12th was Chelsea's lowest in the First Division since promotion ten years earlier. And while there were days, in Cup football at any rate, when the old flair and determination seemed to be returning, it was never sustained.

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  1. Thanks for this great upload. Any other English matches from this era would be much appreciated!

  2. Might it actually be the Palace v Chelsea match from 1972/73 though? The game on 20 Nov 1971 finished 3-2 to Chelsea and wasn't televised.

  3. The match on 31 March 1973 had the result shown in this upload and was the main match on The Big Match on LWT the next day. Also, Chelsea didn't wear their red away shirts until 1972/73.

  4. Thanks again for uploading this, though, and for your many other uploads that have brought back happy memories!

  5. tell me i don't have time to compare dates. Check it if you feel couragous