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Marshal Tito Cup 1989 1990 Crvena Zvezda Hajduk Split

May 19, 1990
JNA Stadium, Belgrade
Attendance 38,923
Referee Goce Popev

Red Star: (coach: Dragoslav Šekularac) Stevan Stojanović, Goran Jurić, Slobodan Marović, Vlada Stošić, Miodrag Belodedić, Ilija Najdoski, Robert Prosinečki, Dejan Savićević, Darko Pančev, Dragan Stojković, Refik Šabanadžović
Hajduk: (coach: Luka Peruzović) Ivan Pudar, Mili Hadžiabdić, Darko Dražić, Igor Štimac (55' Goran Vučević), Nikola Jerkan, Slaven Bilić, Joško Jeličić (81' Bernard Barnjak), Dragutin Čelić, Alen Bokšić, Aljoša Asanović, Robert Jarni

Starting from the Red Star Belgrads birthday in 1987, when Real Madrid was defeated at Marakana, through March 1992, Red Star lived the best period in its history. In the five seasons they won four championships , in 1990 with as many as 11, and a year later with eight points of advantage compared to the first rivals (both times Dinamo). All four seasons in which Red Star won the championships it also played in the finals, but won the cup only in 1990.
The fact that Red Star was managed by as many as five coaches in the glorious five years’ period (Vasović, Stanković, Šekularac, Lj. Petrović and Popović) seems strange, but at the same time is a confirmation of extreme power of the red-and-white both in management and in the field. In the summer of 1987 Binić and Prosinečki arrived, and in the following order came Šabanadžović, Pančev, Savićević, Belodedić and Mihajlović. At the same time the youth school was working well, which brought Stojanović and Jugović to the club.
At the very beginning of the nineties, Red Star simply did not have any competition in domestic contests, whereas in Europe it was high ranking. Crvena zvezda have become European and World Champions having won the 1991 European Cup in Bari and 1991 Intercontinental Cup.

The 1980s were noticeably less successful for Hajduk Split. Successes abroad was often better than at home, and during that decade Hajduk defeated such teams as Valencia CF, FC Bordeaux, FC Metz, VfB Stuttgart, Torino F.C., Olympique de Marseille and Manchester United (whose defeat in a friendly match on Poljud was one of the biggest guest in the history). Prominent players were Blaz Sliskovic, the popular "Grandma", Zoran Vulic, Aljosa Asanovic, and Ivan Gudelj.

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