Friday, January 28, 2011

Russian Football Union : Lobanovski, Blokhine...Dynamo Kiev

"Лобановский, Блохин 
& others"

The Unions initially consisted of 52 organizations across the Russian Empire. It was not until 1934 when the Football Federation of USSR was formed initially under the name the Football Section of Soviet Union. The organization of it was in accordance with the Declaration of the All-Union Council of Fitness Culture of USSR  on December 27, 1934. The Section was readmitted to FIFA in 1946 and admitted to UEFA in 1954. Later the Section was reorganized as the Football Federation of USSR. Concurrently with the Section and later Federation until 1972 there operated the Football Directorate of the Soviet Sport Committee  that was subordinated directly to the Soviet Ministry of Sport. The Directorate was never recognized on the international level.

With the fall of the Soviet Union the modern Russian Football Union was formed (a constituent conference took place on February 8, 1992), inheriting everything from the previous associations such as VRS and FF USSR and reinstated in FIFA on July 3, 1992. In July 1992 was formed the Russian national football team.

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  3. Unique in the history of the USSR team:
    the whole team consisted of players only one
    team - Dynamo Kiev :)