Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scottish League 1974 1975 "The Old Firm" Celtic Rangers , Kenny in Glasgow

15 September 1974
Celtic Park,

 There can be no mistaking the poise and style of a soccer thoroughbred. He is the player who relies solely on pure skill to beat his opponent... he is a superstar every other club would like to have in their first-team. In Kenny Dalglish, Celtic have one of the greatest prospects to be seen in Scottish soccer for many years. Dalglish is the golden boy of Parkhead. His smooth, controlled pace, allied to his devastating finishing in and around the penalty-box, makes him a player for the other teams to fear and rival managers to envy. If Jock Stein had to value Dalglish's sterling work for Celtic on today's transfer market it would start at around the £200,000 mark. Dalglish doesn't want to leave Parkhead and Stein will never let him go because there is no doubt he will be the leading tight behind Celtic's challenge for honours on the domestic and European scene for years to come. But there is one worrying feature of Dalglish's play ... one feature that makes him Celtic's £200,000 problem boy. At the start of every season Kenny kicks-off in true superstar style. He chases around in midfield, helps out in defence and always seems to find the time to pop-up in the danger-areas to belt in a couple of goats. However, Kenny hasn't as yet been able to sustain this sort of form throughout a season. Obviously it could be stated that he takes far too much out of himself earlier on, but the answer may not just be as simple as that...

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