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CIS Cup Final Spartak Moscow Dynamo Kyiv

27 January 2002
Olympic Sport Complex,
Attendance 25.000
Referee: Shmolik (Belarus)

 The final match of the CIS Cup was a success in every sense - met the strongest teams from the former Soviet Union, which showed a bright and attacking football, having pleased a crowded stadium in the "Olympic" family pocketed balls. Spartak Moscow twice led in the long run, but could not keep the advantage and Dynamo Kiev in the fourth becomes the owner of the Commonwealth Cup. Both teams were worthy of each other, but the problems in the defense of Spartacus left their mark on this meeting. Because of the injuries are not able to get into the starting lineup Igor Mitreski, and a worthy replacement of the Macedonian defender was not found. Just because of the injury and the match passed Vasilyuk Kudryashov, in the rest of Spartacus appeared in the strongest part. Spartak in control of this off-season matches are often able to quick scored, was no exception and the Commonwealth Cup. At the 4 th minute of the great road to the gate of Kiev made ??Edward Tsihmeystruk, which ended irresistible blow to the corner gate Reva. Dynamo by drawing of the standard of revenge after three minutes. After a corner in the fall of Alexander Khatskevich head struck a powerful blow, watched over Dynamo midfielder in this episode, Yegor Titov. Later the game was absolutely equal, but it was noticeable advantage of Kiev in physics. On several massive attacks Dynamo Spartak answered two sharp attacks, each of which could be completed with a goal. On the 16 th minute after lumbago Baranova from the right flank Beschastnykh head struck by the gate. A minute later Danishevsky stole the ball in and out of Kiev alone, but too much prokinul ball along the out-of-doors Reva and absolute moment was lost. At the 34th minute in the penalty chamber Nesmachniy Spartacus at the last moment and prevented Kebe broke Idahoru deal the final blow. 

 The ending was half of a dramatic scenario. At the 45th minute ended with a cool attack Spartacus soft canopy Titov at the far post, where the incident Danishevsky header again brought forward the Muscovites. However, at the end of the first added minute after a pass from the flank defenders Spartacus left absolutely free Peeva, which greatly struck his head and the ball ricocheted from the bar flew into the net. At the beginning of the second half Kievites captured a great advantage and the defense of Spartacus had not sweet. At the 48th minute after a pass from the penalty Idahor struck his head over the crossbar. On the 52 th minute after a quick counter-attack Dynamo Kosovo broke into some millimeters away from the bar. Then Spartak managed to level the game and spend a few acute attacks. At the 55th minute a powerful blow was parried Beschastnykh Reva, after a minute Sychev hit near the pole. And on the 59th minute Baranov as the gun shot on goal, but Reva moved the ball to the corner. On the 62nd minute for the first time in the match Kievites came forward. Idahor in the penalty area in the fight against Spartacus with Kovtun and Parfenov managed to push the ball to the free Belkevich, which caused a good ball very tightly to the pole. After a missed goal Dynamo was to focus on defending his goal, but have not quite turned out Spartak brand attack. Moments at the gate of Kiev occurred, but assists them can not be called. In the end of the meeting a large force Spartak went ahead and ran a counter-chamber at the far post Nesmachniy locked into an empty net Idahor. Nigerian striker really wanted to score a goal against Spartak and fulfilled his promise. But after a minute, who replaced Sychev caused great shock in the upper corner of the encirclement of Kiev and the defenders of the last minutes of the meeting promised to be exciting. By the way Dmitry Sychev scored his sixth goal of the tournament, exactly one in each match. It is interesting that in all matches of the Commonwealth Cup 18-year-old striker out for replacement. Last minutes were very nervous, but was not allowed to Spartak Kiev residents arrange for their assault on the gate. Only in the 93rd minute after a corner Spartacus had a chance to save the match, when the people of Kiev carried the ball out of an empty net.

Goals: Tsihmeystruk, 4 (1-0). Khatskevich, 7 (1-1). Danishevsky, 45 (2-1). Peev, 45 (2-2). Belkevich, 62 (2:3). Idahor, 85 (2:4). Sychev, 86 (3:4).

Spartak: Levitsky, Kovtun, Streltsov (Mitreski, 68), Kebe, Parfenov, Baranov, Titov, Pavlenko (Sychev, 51), Tsihmeystruk (Mukansi, 74), Danishevsky, Beschastnykh.
Dynamo: Reva, Golovko, Vashchuk, Nesmachniy, Bodnar, Peev (Kardash, 76), Gusin, Kosovsky (Ghioane, 59), Khatskevich (Gavrancic, 89), Belkevich, Idahor (Shatskikh, 90).

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Bitrate 1200
Sound 128 kbps
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