Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best And Marsh Their Greatest Games

George Best and Rodney Marsh, two of the most talented and famous footballing names of the seventies, talk us through memorable highlights of their immortal heyday. They begin with their own brilliant individual skills, with Best's goal feast against Northampton, a Marsh hat-trick for Q.P.R. and then both of them performing their magic for Fulham.
This is followed by a look at goalkeepers with Best and Marsh perhaps the best qualified to assess the relative abilities of the likes of Banks and Jennings, as save after miraculous save shows what a force these men were.
The debate about teams and managers uses exciting and nostalgic film of the contrasting dough's Derby County and Revie's Leeds sides, with dough's ability to lift an ordinary team to extraordinary heights, and Revie's machine which ground out an endlessly attritional football formula. The final discussion is reserved for the special place Liverpool holds in English football, with classic clips of their great teams of the 70"s with wave after wave of Keegan, Hughes, McDermott, Dalglish et al as they irresistibly crush the opposition, including a quite astonishing 7-0 demolition of a talented Spurs side.

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  1. "I wasn't the white Pelé, he was the black Rodney Marsh"