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Soviet Top League "Высшая лига" 1989 Spartak Moscow Dynamo Kiev

The 500 miles derby

Spartak Moscow and Dinamo Kiev derby is a major football international rivalry between former Soviet giants, Spartak Moscow and Dinamo Kiev that has developed in the Soviet Top League.
A classic Moscow-Kiev match up that was often gathered the biggest crowd of all the Soviet Top League games especially after the last league reorganization in 1970. The game in its popularity overcame the big Moscow derby Dynamo-Spartak that was the main event of the league for the longest since its establishment in 1936. The both clubs were the most successful in Soviet Top League, with Dynamo having won 13 titles to Spartak's 12. Spartak, however, has better head-to-head record and as of 1 August 2008 they won 59 games with 39 lost out of total 119 games played. The contest emerged as a derby in 1976, when Dinamo beat Spartak, thus relegating them from the top flight...

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Dynamo Kiev: Mikhailov (Vik. Chanov, 41), Bessonov (Bal, 41), Baltacha (Bessonov, 70), Kuznetsov, Demyanenko, Rats (Yaremchuk, 41), Buriak ( Zavarov, 41), Mikhaylichenko (Yevtushenko , 68), Litovchenko (Belanov, 41), Shmatovalenko, Blokhin (Protasov, 41).
Head coach - Valery Lobanovsky.
Spartak Moscow: Cherchesov, Sochnov, Pozdnyakov, Hidiyatullin, Bubnov (Sidorov, 54, Yegorovich, 70), Shavlo, Sidorov (Morozov, 41), Pasulko, Gavrilov, Susloparov (Papayev 22), Rodionov.
Head Coach - Nikita Simonyan.
The most prominent clubs of the leagues were FC Dynamo Kyiv, FC Spartak Moscow, and FC Dynamo Moscow. The most popular clubs beside of the above mentioned were PFC CSKA Moscow and FC Dynamo Tbilisi. The first team that won 10 championships and earned their golden star was Dynamo Moscow in 1963, followed by Spartak in 1979. Dinamo Tbilisi became famous for finishing third. Until the 1960's the main title contenders in the league were the Moscow clubs of Spartak and Dynamo whose dominance was disrupted for only a brief period after World War II by CDKA Moscow, nicknamed 'The team of lieutenants'.


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  2. Match Statistics:
    October 23, 1989. 18.30. Moscow. Luzhniki Stadium. 60,000 spectators.
    Referees: Sharoyan,Oganesyan,Baliyan.
    Spartak Moscow: Cherchesov, Bazulev, Kulkov,
    ( Mostovoi 46), Morozov, Pozdnyakov, Shalimov, Y.Kuznetsov, Pasulko, Shmarov, Cherenkov, Rodionov. Coach: Oleg Romantsev.
    Dynamo Kiev: Chanov, Bessonov, Zayats,
    A.Kuznetsov, Shmatovalenko, Luzhny, Mikhaylichenko, Litovchenko, Salenko (Rats, 53), Protasov, Yaremchuk (Yakovenko, 77).
    Coach: Valery Lobanovsky.
    Scores: Protasov 3 (0:1), Y.Kuznetsov, 52 (1:1), Shmarov 90 (2:1).

    It was a golden match for Spartak Moscow. Spectacular goal Shmarov at the last minute of the match brought Spartak championship of the USSR 1989. In addition, in that season Spartak twice defeated Dynamo Kiev (4-1, 2-1).
    A Complete History of the opposition of two leading clubs in the USSR are here:

    P.S. Last meeting of these clubs was the UEFA Champions League in 2008: Dynamo Kiev won twice at Spartak Moscow (4-1, 4-1).

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