Thursday, November 11, 2010

FA Cup 1990 Manchester United Crystal Palace

First Final
12 May 1990
Wembley stadium

Manchester United: Leighton, Ince, Martin (Blackmore), Bruce, Phelen, Pallister (Robins), Robson, Webb, McClair, Hughes, Wallace (Sealey replaced Leighton for replay, when no substitutes were used)
Goals: Robson 35, Hughes 62, 113
Crystal Palace: Martyn, Pemberton, Shaw, Gray (Madden), O'Reilly, Thorn, Barber (Wright), Thomas, Bright, Salako, Pardew (Wright substituted Barber and Madden for Salako in the replay)
Goals: O'Reilly 18, Wright 72, 92

Alex Ferguson was still to win a trophy as the Manchester United manager, since his appointment in 1986, while Crystal Palace had never won a major trophy. The Final turned out to be a great game and ultimately a turning point in the history of both football clubs.
Both teams were in the First division at the time, while Manchester United had finished the season in 13th position and Crystal Palace had finished 15th In the preceding league fixtures that season the games had finished in a 1-1 draw at Selhurst Park and a 2-1 victory to Crystal Palace at United's Old Trafford stadium.
According to the form of both teams they were very evenly matched, but Manchester United were the favourites to win the Cup, probably due to their more impressive history.
It wasn't long before the game came to life when Gary O'Reilly scored for Crystal Palace after 17 minutes, when he scored with a header that just beat the United goalkeeper Jim Leighton.

Manchester United equalised after 35 minutes, when captain Bryan Robson's header was deflected into the Crystal Palace goal, the first half finished at 1-1.
United looked more likely to score during the second half of the game as they pressed forward, and the goal duly came when Mark Hughes scored a great goal to give United a 2-1 lead.

Palace weren't out of the game, as Ian Wright, who had missed much of the season through injury, came on as a substitute and scored a great equalising goal after 73 minutes.
With the 90 minutes finished the score was 2-2, which signalled an extra 30 minutes of play to decide the winner. Within two minutes of extra time Ian Wright had scored his second goal and Crystal Palace were leading 3-2. Lee Martin had already been substituted for United and then Gary Pallister was injured for United as well.

With time ticking away and a Crystal Palace victory edging ever closer, Mark Hughes scored his second goal of the match to level the score at 3-3, the game had ended in a draw and the teams would be forced to meet again five days later in a replay.

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