Sunday, October 31, 2010

English Leagues the 70s: Arsenal The Double Year 1970 1971

Back in the days when the double was a rarity, this video charts every detail 
of this piece of football history. A must for any Gooner.Having finished 12th in the First Division in 1969-70, a full 24 points behind champions Everton  (and this was in the days of two points for a win, remember), there was little to suggest Arsenal would come on so strong in the following campaign. But that's exactly what happened,  as Gunners fans enjoyed a season they would never forget.  Bertie Mee's boys enjoyed the most memorable of seasons as they clinched the League  Championship and the FA Cup - the first time the Gunners had evercompleted English football's precious Double.

Between February 6 and April 20, Arsenal played 12 league games, winning eleven and losing only one. This run followed a speech made by Bertie Mee who told the players: "Now is the time for you to be really ambitious and to aim for the success which may never be possible for you as players again in your lifetimes." Arsenal had by now reached the final of the FA Cup, defeating Stoke in a replayed semi-final 2-0. Frank Mclintock emerged from the dressing room to declare, "We are going for the Double."

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