Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dynamo Kiev Spartak Moscow Farewell Generation 80`s

June 24, 1997
 Kiev, NSC Olympiysky
( Olympic Stadium )
81.500 spectators
Referee: V.Zhuk, V.Matyushev, E.Serezhkin (all - Belarus)
 Dynamo Kiev: Mikhaylov (41`Chanov), Bessonov (41`Bal), Baltacha (70`Bessonov), O.Kuznetsov, Demyanenko, Rats (41`Yaremchuk), Buriak (41`Zavarov), Mikhaylichenko (68`Yevtushenko), Litovchenko (41`Belanov), Shmatovalenko, Blokhin (41`Protasov). Coach - Valery Lobanovsky.

Spartak Moscow: Cherchesov, Sochnov, Pozdnyakov, Khidiyatullin, Bubnov (54`Sidorov, 70`Yegorovich), Shavlo, Sidorov (G.Morozov, 41), Pasulko, Gavrilov, Susloparov (22`Papaev), Rodionov. Coach - Nikita Simonyan.

Dynamo Kiev celebrated the 70th anniversary in 1997. Friendly Match of the two most renowned and uncompromising opponent of the Soviet Union: 13-times champion Dynamo Kiev vs. 12-times champions Spartak Moscow. More than 80,000 spectators came to see their idols. Skill, speed and excitement of this match was like ten years ago. Everything was like in the good old days ... Ovations eightieth generation!


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  1. The return match was held in Moscow exactly a year later, in 1998. If you are interested you can download the video here:

    1st Half:

    2nd Half:

    Report about the game:

  2. Jesus Marrone
    Yes, you're right. An interesting and uncompromising match historical opponents. Have you seen something similar in the performance of 40-45-year-old veterans? Friendly matches are usually held over peacefully, in any case without the hard rolled up :))