Saturday, January 7, 2012

European Cup 1966 1967 Real Madrid Inter Milan

Second Leg
1 March 1967
Santiago Bernabéu ,
Attendance: 88,934
Referee: Gottfried Dienst

 That season, Inter would get another crack at their third European Cup after coming up against Real for an amazing third time in four seasons. This time Suarez ran the show, particularly in Madrid where he scored in the 2-0 win that effectively began the rather dramatically named wilderness years'. Jock Stein's Celtic provided the Spanish (and most of Europe) with some comfort later in that tournament, winning a wonderful final in Lisbon and putting Herrera's hated system to the sword. But it was to be 14 long years before Real would return to dispute a final of the competition they had once considered their own. Summarising what remained of the 1960s, it is worth pointing out, once again, that Real's consistency in the league was not something easily maintained. No longer able to rely on automatic qualification as European champions, the domestic competition was as important as ever.  

 Besides, the winner mentality was very much in place by this period, despite Velaszquez insistence that the team felt under no particular pressure. This remark has to be seen in the relative context of Madrid, where no particular pressure probably referred to the obvious fact that no team was going to win five consecutive European trophies again. But we know enough about Madridismo now to suspect that there was a need, in the guts of the club, to snatch back the dream. As they say, 'what you never have, you never miss but true longing arises from a state of grace attained. As Proust observed, 'A la recherche du temps perdtf. To the club's immense credit, it has never allowed the hazafla of the 1950s and early 1960s to weigh as heavily on the club as did, for example, Manchester United's golden period around the same time. United were to suffer 25 leagueless years, and 31 years would pass before they lifted the European Cup again. Charlton, Best, Law and Busby cast a shadow that saw their successors scurrying around in the dark. Madrid had to wait a long time for another European Cup too, but in the meantime, they were nevertheless dominating their domestic league and participating in various European trophies. They were very much alive. Manchester United's pretensions to greatness seem absurd when you compare them with Real Madrid's so called 'wilderness years'. Remember, this is a team who walked off the Bemabeu in April 2002 without so much as a wave to the crowd, even though they had just qualified for the Champions League final in their centenary year and beaten their old friends Barca on aggregate. Reasons to be cheerful? Not a bit of it. Inaki Cano, one of Spain's more respected roving journalists, thrust his mike under manager Del Bosque's nose and asked why there had been no lap of honour. 'Solo celebramos hs trofeosf (We only celebrate winning trophies) was the curt reply.

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  1. Excellentissime...encore une fois. Mille merci pour cette nouvelle perle rare.

  2. Merci !
    Sinon, aucun rapport, comptes-tu enregistrer les matchs de la France à l'Euro de hand ?

  3. Suarez! Yes! One of my all time favorite player.
    Thank you!

  4. Les matchs de la phase préliminaire de la France sont le Lundi 16, le Mercredi 18 et le Vendredi 20. Ensuite, tour principal du 21 au 25 janvier, demi-finale le 27 et finale le 29.

  5. O_O superb. I like the match of the sixties...


  6. Pour le hand, je peux te le rappeler la veille des matchs, sauf si ça te dérange, bien sûr :D

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