Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gods of Brazil: Pele & Garrincha

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  1. Just came across this posting of Brazil's two Gods of 'FUTEBO." Nicely done and so moving to see so may unpublished photos of "MANE." There should be a book done on Garrincha with little text but with mostly pictures taken during his extraordinary career;one will need to go deep into an intensive research from archives,newspapers from around the world ,particularly from his time when playing for Botafogo. I will love to see such book done one day-jaws will drop! I have few of the magazines shown in this site including the one with Pele and Mane from Placar. Thanks a million to whomever posted this tribute to Brazil's two giants.....

  2. How MANY of you have heard of the book written by Elza Soares about Garrincha? Entitled "MY LIVE WITH MANE," I had the chance of seeing this particular book during my last visit to Rio De Janeiro this past August,however,when I went back to the shop I'd seen it,the owner just sold it,even though I begged him to put it away for me.... the moral of this story is always carry money with you as I didn't have enough at that time. I am also seeking any picture/photographs/magazine articles depicting Garrincha ...... and of course the book mentioned above. I can be contacted at:
    Many thanks and lets keep the memory of this genius of "Futebol," alive. I never failed to go and pay my respect to Garrincha's grave when visiting Rio ( I had the pleasure of meeting one of Mane's daughter Roseangela this past August 2011 with a former Santos PLayer Paulo Abel and took many pictures together-what a joy it was and I will always cheerish this incredible encounter...

  3. The book written by Elza Soares is called in Portuguese " Minha Vida Com Mane." Thanks to anyone who has some publications for, etc... as I mentioned early.

  4. hi, Dominique
    Thank you for your appreciation and your comment. Unfortunately, I do not know where to find such a book. All the pictures I found on the Internet and only a few pictures scanned from magazines. If interested, I can send to you a book in Russian. The book is called: Life and death Manoel dos Santos Garrincha.
    Best regards,

    Balada nº 7 (Mané Garrincha) Moacyr Franco

    Sua ilusão entra em campo no estádio vazio
    Uma torcida de sonhos aplaude talvez
    O velho atleta recorda as jogadas felizes
    Mata a saudade no peito driblando a emoção

    Hoje outros craques repetem as suas jogadas
    Ainda na rede balança seu último gol
    Mas pela vida impedido parou
    E para sempre o jogo acabou
    Suas pernas cansadas correram pro nada
    E o time do tempo ganhou

    Cadê você, cadê você, você passou
    O que era doce, o que não era se acabou
    Cadê você, cadê você, você passou
    No vídeo tape do sonho, a história gravou

    Ergue os seus braços e corre outra vez no gramado
    Vai tabelando o seu sonho e lembrando o passado
    No campeonato da recordação faz distintivo do seu coração
    Que as jornadas da vida, são bolas de sonho
    Que o craque do tempo chutou

    Cadê você, cadê você, você passou
    O que era doce, o que não era se acabou
    Cadê você, cadê você, você passou
    No vídeo tape do sonho, a história gravou

    1. dominique beaucantFebruary 2, 2012 at 8:17 PM

      Dear Rush-I just saw your reply-thanks-You might be pleased to learn that I have located the book" Minha Vida Com Mane ", by Elza Soares. I would love to have the Russian book you are mentioning in your response. Could you please write at :
      Also have you ever heard of the following song about Mane entitled "Mane Garrincha," by famous Uruguyan composer,artist,singer Alfredo Zitarrosa which I feel is the most beautiful song ever written about Garrincha eclipsing the song written by Moacyr Franco!
      I have located someone in Brasil ( are you in Brasil? are you Brazilian?) whom may do the project I have had in my mind for many years : Publishing a hard cover book on Garrincha,unlike anything that has been published to date,focusing solely in Garrincha's trajectory into the soccer field and nothing else;without entering his private life,which in a way does not belong and should not be mixed with his prowess and skills on the field. I strongly believe that this book will happen in the near future. Of course I have Ruy Castro book,but I have always felt that many things that were said shouldn't never had been written throughout the book-frankly the book's cover is a turn off too! Garrincha was the " Alegria Do Povo," and the picture used by Castro does not reflect in any way the image of the true Garrincha which was joy and happiness. Looling forward to hear from you thru my e-mail. Many thanks for your reply again.
      Best wishes

  5. Hello, Dominique!
    My mail about the book Garrincha did not come, is not it?
    I've uploaded for you again. Please download: