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Focus On : John Creig The Legend

John Creig is down in the Rangers history books as the greatest ever Rangers skipper and also the unluckiest! That may seem like a contradiction, butGreig has captained the great Glasgow club at a time when they went through a long, lean spell, and their rivals Celtic, hit what must be the most successful period in their history. The much-maligned Greig, who las been capped 34 times for Scotland, has captained Rangers for eight years. And in that time they lave won little. In that time only the European Cup Winners Cup, Scottish Cup (twice) and the League Cup (once) have taken their place n the Light Blues' trophy room. Yet at one time, Rangers could do no wrong. Cups, medals, glory was taken almost as a " by the way " at Ibrox. Yet no one can doubt that as far as spirit, heart and loyalty go, Greig is the greatest. During that ong spell, when the once—fabulous Glasgow Rangers appeared to be on a slide from which they would never recover, Greig almost carried Rangers on his broad back. Time after time, it was Greig who scored he equaliser or the winner. In »ame after game, he could be seen clenching his fist under the noses of iis players, roaring his encouragement, forcing Rangers to try harder and play better. Greig, an Edinburgh man, actually started off as a forward, but ex-Rangers boss Scott Symon soon saw that in Greig there was character, enthusiasm and energy which, if it could be harnessed, would make him an outstanding wing-half. This is what has happened. Recently, though, Rangers manager Jock Wallace has told Greig to try and slow down a bit, to try and let others take some of the work-load, for Greig, if he could, would play all eleven positions at once—and come on as " sub," if he could. That's the kind of man he is. He'll run himself into the ground for Rangers.

Although in some quarters of Glasgow he is almost a living legend, typifying to the fans just what a " real" Rangers player should be made of, Greig does have his critics—and plenty of them! They feel Greig's style is too robust, some even feel he is nothing more than a " clogger." They appreciate that he has fantastic spirit, but they feel he has little else to offer. Meaning he has little football. Some say he can't pass a ball, others say he can't tackle. In fact, the only people who criticise him are the fans, for any manager worth his salt would swop two of his players for a John Greig. This fantastic spirit which " Captain Courageous "—as he is known around Ibrox—takes on to the field with him, went with him when! he donned a Scotland jersey.   As in the Rangers team,  his presence is always felt. He has played many great games for Scotland. One in particular sticks in mind. It was against Italy at Hampden, in 1965, with only three minutes remaining, the score stood at 0-0. It seemed their chance was gone. But Greig reckoned differently, and taking a pass from his winger, he strode through the Italian defence to place a great low shot behind the goalkeeper which had over 100,000 fans singing and dancing. Greig is reaching the veteran stage now, indeed some say that next season could be his last for Rangers. But the way he shrugs off injuries which would almost cripple others, the way he keeps up his lung-bursting pace in every game seems to point to Greig being the Light Blue skipper for a long time.

John Creig is one of Rangers' True Blue'. He has been described is as the 'stalwart' of the Rangers defence - the 'driving force' - the original Captain Couragous.The first part of this superb video profile begin at Greie signs for Rangers in 1960 and takes ui on a fascinating Journey as be establishes his place In the first team, through his debut goal against Celtic, to his captaincy in 1965. In 1967 Creig led a dynamic Rangers side to the final of the European Cup Winners Cup and in the same year be captained the Scotland team which beat England's 1966 World Cup winners. We conclude the first 12 years of Greig's Rangers career on another triumphant note with footage of Rangers' League Cup victory against Celtic in 1971 title held by Celtic for the previous 16 consecutive years!
Narrated by Dougle Donnelly, John Greig 'The Legend'59 71 features interviews with some of the game's leading personalities including Jim Baxter and Billy Bremner. This It a magnificent tribute to one of the most uncompromising and motivating modern day footballers.

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