Monday, September 5, 2011

Football Funnies : Streaker !

  Remember the days when TV cameras didn't shy away from showing the hilarious spectacle of streakers in their full glory? Well, now those days are back! - hold onto your pants as we take a hilarious around-the-world look at the funniest streaks you will ever see. Join comedian Bob Mills as he lays bare those timeless classics for you to enjoy again, and also exposes some magical streaking moments that were never shown on Tv From Erika Roe's exuberant exploits at Twickenham, to the man who risked an oncoming googlie to straddle the stumps at Lord's; they're all here...quite literally... in the flesh, to watch, enjoy and laugh at again and again. The bare-faced cheek of the star performers, the laughter of the appreciative crowds, the outrage of the authorities, that's what makes Streaker! the funniest video you're ever likely to get youi hands on. It's hilarious, memorable and totally inoffensive to anyone with a sense of humour. So sit back and enjoy the stars of streaker! - those wonderfully wacky men and women who just can't resist getting their kit off!
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