Monday, May 2, 2011

World Cup 1974 Qualifying England Poland

Group 5,
6th Game
17 October 1973
Wembley Stadium, London

"I have never seen a better performance at Wembley by a visiting goalkeeper." (Sir Alf Ramsey)

On a night of missed chances and extraordinary saves from Jan Tomaszewski, the Polish keeper labelled a "clown" on TV by Brian Clough, England saw Iheir World Cup hopes disappear at Wembley last night. They slumbled exhausted and heart-broken out of the competition after a 90-minute all-oul assault had failed to break d o w n Poland's grim determination.

 On the pitch where, some seven years ago, they had won the trophy. Sir Alf Ramsey's m en played with a spiril that deserved a betler fate. But no one can deny thiit Poland's overall performances in the competition, afler a disastrous defeat in their opening match against Wales. make them worthy of qualification. And at Wembley they fought a magnificenl rear-guard action before the most partisan crowd gathered there since the 1966 World Cup final.
The plain and unpalatable fact is that England moved boldly on to the offensive in this tournament when it was too late. Had they produced just a Utile of this attacking zeal againsl Wales at Wembley last Mardi and Roland at Chorzow in June, they might not now have found themselves out in the cold. It can be fairly argued that Ramsey's overcaution in selection and tactics in recent years has been the major cause of this failure. Indeed, it became clear last night that England have become so used to playing with predominantly defensive efficiency that they could not switch smoothly enough into forward gear to over-come such stubborn opponents.

 With Peters, Bell and Currie dominating the midfield from the early stages, and Channon leading the front line with dash. they launched and sustained an almighly assault on the Polish barrier, creating chance after chance . But it was Roland who scored first. after 58 minutes, when Hunter was uncharacteristically caught in possession by the flying winger Gadocha, who raced away and crossed for Domarski to shoot under Shilton's dive.
England equalized six minutes later. Clarke converting a border-line penalty. But they could not beat Tomaszewski again.

Goals: England (Clarke 63 pen); Poland (Domarski 55)
England: Shilton, Madeley, Hughes, Bell, McFarland, Hunter, Currie, Channon, Chivers (Hector 85), Clarke, Martin Peters (c)
Poland: Tomaszewski, Szymanowski, Gorgon, Musial, Bulzacki, Kasperczak, Lato, Cmikiewicz, Deyna (c), Domarski, Gadocha

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  2. Du très très lourd, merci !

  3. Encore un match qui a marqué l'histoire...En le regardant, l'Angleterre m'a semblé meilleure que les commentaires ne l'ont dit par la suite. Et quel régal, Tomaszewski, Gorgon, Deyna...Merci beaucoup. Grimph

  4. j'i failli le mettre dans les match of the century mais j'ai laissé tomber.

  5. Merci pour ce superbe match, cela faisait des mois que je rêvais de le trouver ici. Je ne sais comment vous remercier pour le fantastique travail que vous avez accomplis.

    J'aimerais bien un jour pouvoir mettre la main sur les commentaires d'origine en anglais de la BBC. Jouissif de voir l'arrogance anglaise qui prévalait avant ce match rabattue par cette courageuse équipe de Pologne !

  6. 1978-mistake. 1974-true

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