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Home International Championship 1977 England Scotland

4 June 1977
Wembley Stadium,

"Another afternoon of British rubbish." (Disenchanted voice in Wembley Press Box)

 Whatever pleasure Scotland goal from winnig a dreadful matc was spoil by by the hordes of their puerile, drunken fans who invaded the Wembley pitch at the end to celebrate by breaking both sets of goal-posts, ripping out the nets, and cutting out pieces of turf to take home as trophies of their triumph.

At least the Scots had the consolation of retaining the Home Championship, but England will have gained nothing from this hard, ill-tempered, disagreeable match of low technical and tactical quality oilier than a severe dent in their morale prior lo their upcoming tour of South America. Scotland gate a competent, spirited performance, and achieved a merited 2-1 victory thanks largely lo McClrain's polished defensive and attacking football, the midfield industry of Hartford, Masson's precise placing of the dead ball, Ihe persistence of Dalglish and Macari, and the commanding presence of McQueen. England lost chiefly because they were overwhelmed in midfield, even before the departure of the injured Brian Greenhoff.
Scotland look control in tin 42nd minute when Mc Queen headed home Masson's free kick. Despite the loss of Jordan immediately afterwards, tey remained on top, and Dalglish popped in No2 in Ihe 63rd minute. Three minutes from the end, Channon scored England's belated goal from a penalty after Francis was brought down. Then came the invasion.

 Scotland: Rough(Partick Thistle), McGrain(Celtic), Donachie(Manchester City), Forsyth T(Rangers), McQueen(Leeds United), Rioch(Everton), Masson(Queen's Park Rangers), Dalglish(Celtic), Jordan(Leeds United), Hartford(Manchester City), Johnston(West Bromwich Albion).
Subs: Gemmill A(Derby County) for Masson, Macari(Manchester United) for Jordan.
England: Clemence, R. N.(Liverpool), Neal, P. G.(Liverpool), Mills, M. D.(Ipswich Town), Greenhoff, B.(Manchester United), Watson, D. V.(Manchester City), Hughes, E. W.(Liverpool), Francis, T.(Birmingham City), Channon, M. R.(Southampton), Pearson, J. S.(Manchester United), Talbot, B.(Ipswich Town), Kennedy, R.(Liverpool).
Subs: Cherry, T. J.(Leeds United) for Greenhoff Tueart, D.(Manchester City) for Kennedy.

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The 1977 British Home Championship exemplified a new era in Home Nations football during its final game, when jubilant Scottish fans invaded the pitch at Wembley Stadium following their team's surprise victory. Unlike a similar occasion in the 1967 British Home Championship, family football had given way to hooliganism and extensive damage was done to the stadium and riots in London  throughout the night followed the occasion. It was events like this which eventually led to the tournament's cancellation in 1984.

The tournament itself was an open affair, with an opening victory for England cancelled out by a Scottish win over Northern Ireland and English defeat to Wales. The Welsh stood a good chance of winning the tournament outright for the first time since 1937, but could not beat the Irish in their final match, and ended up in a rare second place position. The Scots and English thus faced each other in the final match knowing the winner would take the trophy, the Scots achieving a victory on England's home ground to take the trophy for the second year in a row and demonstrate their dominance in British football. The match was followed by a mass pitch invasion by Scottish supporters.


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  1. Scotland fans were celebrating when the cross-bars broke... if you want to know the truth about football hooligans in the UK see the Englsish track record.

    Scotland fans - aka the 'Tartan Army', are welcomed everywhere.