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English Leagues the 80s: Tottenham Manchester City FA Cup 1980 1981

Final Replay
14 May 1981
Wembley, London

Attendance: 92,000
Referee: Keith Hackett

The South American pair Ardiles and Ricardo Villa, Ardiles especially, added strength and guile to a team built around the languid talents of Glenn Hoddle. With a natural finisher in Scots international Steve Archibald. only a creaky back four let them down. But fortune srniled on them. QPR. Hull, Coventry and Exeter were ail despatched at White Hart Une. Only Wolves barred their way.
After an enteruining 2-2 draw. Tottenham enjoyed the distinct and unfair advantage of a replay at Highbury, Urged on by local support packing three sides of the ground, two frotn Gardi Crooks and a rocket from Ricky Villa sent Spurs' fans streaming from NS wilh an unac-customed warm glow.

Manchester City was another club to be found filed under the misnorner 'sleeping giant'. Their recent Cup forays had ended in humiliation but John Bond had added sonie resolve and diis season found them in no mood for charity. Crysial Palace and Norwich, both top flight clubs, were hit for four and six respectively and a tie at Peterborough that in recent seasons would have broughi about their downfall was nçgoiiated withoui raishap.The sixth round brought a batde with Everton, City winning dirough after a replay at Maine Road, thanks to two goals from full-back, Bobby McDonald.This left die little matter of Bobby Robson's Ipswlch at Villa Park. These were heady days for the Suffolk side. Riding high in the League, rney were tu win the Uefa Cup the following month and started dus semi-final as favourites. Normal tinte produced little in me way of action or goals, and a replay looked on the cards until Paul Power popped up with an extra-time wjnner. Two of the Cup's most celebrated names had endured a decade of watch-ing deadly rivais hog the lirnelight. Now their bridesmaid years were over, and Wembley was in for a treat. No one remembers the fîrst gaine, s achievement in scoring for both teams. His shoulder had deflected a Hoddle free-kick past the unlucky Joe Corrigan By contrast. the replay was a classic. For Ricky Villa it was a renaissance. Out of sorts on Saturday, he was substuted midway through the second half and cut wandered round the perimeter towards the dressing room. He could hardly have been quicker out of his blocks on the Thursday night, smashing home the opener after only eight minutes.

Within three minutes City had replied with a goal that under normal circumstances would have been replayed ad infinitum as one of Wembley's greatest. Such was the control of the teenage McKenzie's waist-high, falling volley thai the bail arrowçd into the top corner from the edge of the box. That it was eclipsed is some measure of Villa's effort. As the match ended its final quarter-hour, the game could not hâve been more finely balanced. Reeves's penalty early in the second hall" had been answered on the hour by the oppor-tunism of Crooks, who had pounced on a loose bail in the box. There looked no danger as Calvin fed the Argentinian on the left wing, City's right flank was policed heavily. but Villa embarked on a mazy dribble, appearing to pick up speed as he did so. He slalomed past Ranson and Caton, then cut back in a single movement to throw botb off balance. As Corrigan advanced, he conjured enough room to stab the bail under his body and into the net. Having appeared to cover every biade of grass in creating the goal, his wild celebration threatençd to mow a fresh pattern into the famous turf. It was a goal fit tu win any game. For the lOOth final, it seemed the most fitting of tributes.

"La plus belle finale depuis quinze ans! L'Amérique du Sud remporte la Cup ! C'est viva Villa pour Hot Spurs! Les deux buts de Villa sèchent ses larmes !"... Commentaires dithyrambiques à longueur de colonnes. Quelques séquences télévisées permettent de voir les cinq buts de cette seconde manche : la fantastique reprise de volée de Me Kenzie, le penalty de Reeves, les deux buts de Villa, pleins de sang-froid, de finesse et de vengeance, celui de Crooks, quasiment volé dans les pieds d'Archibald. A quatre jours d'intervalle, Tottenham Hotspur et Manchester City ont montré avec autant de conviction les deux faces d'une monnaie jamais dévaluée, la finale de la Cup. Les meilleurs ont gagné, ont posé pour l'éternité, ils ont coiffé la casquette immémoriale du vainqueur de la centième, ils ont brandi la Cup enturbannée à leurs couleurs. Au pays de l'illogisme et du délire, ils ont respecté la logique. Quand ils sont rentrés dans leurs quartiers de White Hart Lane, debout sur leur autobus à impériale, cinq cent mille fans leur ont fait un accueil délirant. Bilan : une centaine de blessés. Décidément, ils sont fous, ces Anglais !

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