Thursday, March 10, 2011

Copa America 1975 Brazil Peru

The 1975 edition of the Copa América football tournament was played between July 17 and October 28. For the first time in the history of the event there was no fixed venue, and all matches were played throughout the year in each country. In addition, the tournament changed its name from South American Championship to Copa América. All ten CONMEBOL countries participated, with defending champions Uruguay receiving a bye into the semifinals and the rest starting in the group stage.
The brazilian team was mostly represented by an ensemble of players from Minas Gerais, almost of them from Cruzeiro FC and Atletico-Mg.

Copa América

Brasil: Raul, Nelinho, Miguel, Piazza, Getúlio,
Vanderlei, Geraldo (Zé Carlos), Roberto Batata,
Palhinha, Roberto Dinamite (Reinaldo), Romeu
Tec: Osvaldo Brandão.

Peru: Sartor, Soria (Navarro), Melendez, Chumpitaz,
Diaz, Ojeda, Quesada, Ramirez, Casaretto, Cubillas,
Oblitas. Tec: Marcos Calderon.


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