Saturday, February 19, 2011

Olympics 1988 Zambia Italia

In the 1960s African teams were not taken seriously by FIFA, which denied them a single guaranteed place in the World Cup finals until 1970.
Yet African sides performed well in Olympic football tournaments. Ghana reached the quarterfinals in 1964 and Nigeria drew with Brazil in 1968. But most impressively, Zambia demolished Italy 4-0 in 1988.
Led by Kalusha Bwalya—the greatest Zambian player ever—Chipolopolo (The Copper Bullets) proved that African national teams could hold their own on the world’s stage. Tragically, many of the stars of that game died in a plane crash on 27 April 1993.

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  1. Yes......Sometimes the Olympics.....

  2. Wooooww!!!! Awesome!!! What an amazing match!! Thanks a million.

  3. I still remember Italy's second goalkeeper Stefano Tacconi's racist remarks after that game (he's a notorous pro-fascist), by saying "this time it was their turn to make us all black", and a silly laugh after that sentence, implying he meant it was bad to be black, of course...

  4. "making someone black" in Italian isn't a racist remark, as you know.