Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Friendly 1988 Italian League Poland

Stadio Guiseppe Meazza
12 November 1988

Friendly game with Italian and Stars from the campionato against Poland, including Matthaus, Maradona, Careca, Caniggia... 

Codec H264, Mkv
Sound 160kps
2 liens, 500+400mo
Italian Comments
Size 900mo
Chaptered end & half time
Formatted 16/9
Pass : twb22.blogspot.com

1st Half time 

2nd Half time

That's the Original Post and encoding . 
If you find it somewhere else, it's an shitty reupload 
or a repost.


  1. Bellisimo ! Always love this games !!!... GRACIAS Twb22.

  2. oh, great! Never seen such a game. Very thanks.
    I have heard that there is still a game in 1986 River Plate vs. Poland (5-4). Is it possible find these match? In this match Enzo Francescoli scored a super goal scissors.
    Maybe I am using the wrong term. I do not know how to call in English an acrobatic strike? (as van Basten scored a goal in 1986 in the match Ajax - Den Bosch).

  3. i see what is an acrobat strike, same words in french.
    didn't heard about that River Poland, sounds great.

  4. Great match, thanks a lot, man.
    Don't u have some more friendly games with Maradona, i'm searching the one of 2006, he was playin in the Rest of The World team... didn't u hear about it?

  5. farewel was in 2001, wasn't it?
    there was one in 2006 on Old Trafford, England - Rest Of World, did u hear about this one?

  6. no didn't hear baout it, but maybe i don't know.

  7. Alex : sorry your post was marked as spam
    no not same game.