Friday, February 18, 2011

European Championship 1972 England Germany

Empire Stadium, 
Wembley, London
29 April 1972
Referee R Helies

At Wembley a West German team playing with grace and spirit and an absolute commitment to attack administered the most thorough defeat ever inflicted on Sir Alf Ramsey's England on their own ground. This, the first victory any German side has won over England in this country, was undeniably deserved...

Codec H26, Mkv
Sound 160kps
Perfect Quality
Size 1g2, new encode
Chaptered end
2 Links only
German comments

Cover Scan

England - Banks, Madeley, Hughes, Bell, Moore, Hunter, Lee, Ball, Chiverk, Hurst, Peters. Sub: Marsh
West Germany - Maier, Holtges, Breitner, Schwarzenbeck, Beckenbauer, Wimmer, Grabowski, Howeness, Muller, Netzer, Held.

1st Half

2nd Half



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  1. Hello,

    I have this game but the second half only plays for the first 10 mn, maybe the mkv file is corrupted...
    Would it be possible to reupload that second half since all the current links are dead?
    Thanks in advance!