Thursday, January 27, 2011

Manchester United Season Review 1988 1989

This is the official review of the Manchester United 1988/89 season. All the games; all the goals, for and against, at home and away. 
There were two end of season reviews released for the 1989-90 season. This version was was released by the Football League.
The Manchester United End of Season video review was first released for the 1985-86 season, recorded by the club itself. It came on a joint video with the 1986-87 season. Ever since this early video hit the old Manchester United Superstore, the End of Season reviews have been made more professional and popular over the years. After the team won the famous Treble in 1998-99.
 Are the glory days on the way back at Manchester United? Can their exciting band of youngsters take them to the top?
The  season's  outstanding  performance, United's  3-1 win  over champions Liverpool, suggests the answer is yes. Especially if Mark Hugues, the PFA Footballer of the Year, and Brian McLair can continue their spectacular goal scoring, if Bryan Robson can inspire them again, and if Jim Leighton performs so well in goal.
n this video you can chart United's progress throughout 1988/89.YOU can watch Every one of their games in the First Division...goals, saves, exciting action Home and away. There's extended coverage of that victory over Liverpool -plus wins over Spurs and West Ham. And the season's facts and figures as well. It's the perfect record for Manchester United fans everywhere.

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