Saturday, January 8, 2011

Derbysimi Bianconeri

Derby della Mole

Derby della Mole, known in English as the Turin Derby is the local derby, played out between the city's two most successful teams, Juventus F.C. and Torino F.C.. The first being in 1906, there have been many since, mostly through Serie A fixtures but also the Coppa Italia and friendly matches.
In the stadium, Juventus fans usually shout out "Inferior!" and "Minors!" however Torino fans have been known to shout "Cheats!" and "Scum!" due to Juventus' match fixing allegations. Violence often breaks out on and off the pitch. In 1967 after a match that Torino won 4-0, incensed Juventus fans vandalized the grave of Gigi Meroni. This act only served to fuel the rivalry and hatred. In 2007/2008 there were riots before the match between hooligans and police with 40 arrests and 2 injured policemen. Rubbish bins were set on fire and many cars and shops vandalized as a result.

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Italian Comments

The Turin Derby has been compared to the Manchester derby in England. While Manchester United have large support from all over the world including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Manchester City's support is almost entirely restricted to the city of Manchester and its surrounding area. In Turin, Torino has the biggest local following but Juventus draw support from all over Italy and all over Southern and Eastern Europe.


  1. Grazie molte... una domanda, di che anno è questa videocassetta?


  2. Merci beaucoup... une question, en quelle année est cette vidéo?


  3. 1992. i'll make a scan of the vhs when i have time