Monday, November 22, 2010

Primera Division 1968 1969 Real Madrid Pontevedra

16 March 1969
Day 25
Santiago Bernabéu, 


So Madrid were cheats and fascist stooges, and Barcelona were bad losers, spoilsports with a victim complex. The fact that neither of these cliches is true is of no consequence. The Spanish are happy to go along with these traditional views, whilst the rest of the world draws a similarly twisted conclusion - that Madrid are the 'baddies' and that Barca are the 'goodies'. The baddies, in this context, won the 1968-69 league campaign by nine clear points from Las Palmas, and went the first 27 games of the season undefeated - but of course, the refs were all on their side . . . Three games from the end they went down 1-0 at Elche, but still won the title at a trot. However, it was during the next season that Madrid were supposedly exposed as the cheats that so many had accused them of being, with the core of their empire exposed as rotten.

Árbitro :    Sánchez Ibáñez
Goles :     0:1 (8) Fuertes, 1:1 (15) Gento, 2:1 (32) Amancio, 2:2 (57) Barros.
REAL MADRID C.F. : Betancort; Calpe, De Felipe, Sanchís; José Luis, Zoco;
Miguel Pérez, Amancio, Grosso, Velázquez, Gento.
(Entrenador : Miguel Muñoz)
PONTEVEDRA C.F. : Cobos E.; Irulegui, Batalla, Cholo E., Calleja E.,
Suso, Fuertes R., Antonio L., Barros, Riveros, Odriozola.
(Entrenador : Héctor Rial (Argentina))


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