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The English Leagues in Reviews : The Nineties, Season 1992 1993

  The idea had been mooted for some years but during 1991 action began to take the place of rhetoric. A year later, as the new season kicked off on August 15th 1992, the old first division became the Premier League. The Premier League was really about money and television. The satellite broadcaster BSkyB who had paid a phenomenal £304 million for a five year deal involving live coverage of two league games a week, was only interested in matches involving the top clubs. BSkyB were most defintely not interested in any obligation to televise second and third division games. What they wanted was a diet of Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal, Leeds and Everton - the clubs that would bring in viewers and subscribers to their channel. No way were the majority of Football League members going to allow that kind of deal. Not surprisingly it was the top clubs who saw the immediate financial benefit and were quickly tempted by the prospect. Most of these clubs were about to face huge bills from redeveloping their grounds into all-seater stadiums to comply with the Taylor Report. It was going to be expensive and the money would have to come from somewhere.

Eventually all the old first division clubs agreed to break away and form a league of their own where they would have total control over their own affairs. There were some who doubted the wisdom, particularly the smaller clubs in the first division who saw it all as a conspiracy by the rich clubs to become even richer. But in the end they had little option but to go along with the idea. In effect the new set up gave control to the top half dozen rich clubs. Under the old formula, no changes could be implemented in the league unless a majority of clubs in all four leagues agreed. It was a cumbersome process that did not encourage some process that did not encourage change. Now any changes rested with the 22 clubs of the top division who could decide their own fate.

The first Premier League game to be televised came on the second day of the season, August 16th when the cameras were live at Nottingham Forest for the visit of Liverpool. In reality there was little difference. It was still the same number of clubs though with a plan to reduce the league to 20 and eventually 18 teams. The rules were the same with probably the most noticeable change being the bright new green strip worn by referees. A third substitute, a goalkeeper, would also be allowed. The half time interval was also going to be extended to fifteen minutes for the benefit of television while kick off times would also vary to suit television schedules. Instead of all games being played on the traditional Saturday afternoon there were now matches scheduled for late Sunday afternoon and Monday evening so that they could be televised. It caused some confusion and irritated many fans who found that the increase in Sunday and Monday matches meant that they were not always able to attend.

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